🪨Dopeuls Guide

👉 Go to the Master Dopelore, present in each class Temple.

👉 To find it, go to the desired Class Temple, enter it and then turn right.

IF you want to see where ALL Class Temples are, follow these steps :

  1. Open your map with M.

  2. Tick the 3rd box, once your map is open.

  3. Disable all other filters, as in the screenshot above.

👉 Talking to them will give you the opportunity to:

  • Discover his store ✔

  • Start the fight against dopple ✔

  • Take the Dopple Quest which is REPEATABLE. ✔

👉 In this content, it will be possible to make the Relic of the Ancients, directly from your Craft tab.

This Relic is evolutionary, depending on how many Dopple have been defeated!

A total of 50,000 Dopeuls is required for the Relic to be at maximum level!

  • You also have the option to make the Pack: Dopple Teleportations.

  • It contains teleportation potions direct to Dopple.

  • This requires Peasant resources, as shown in the screenshot below.


👉 The Dopeuls fight directly in the form of waves.

👉Complete the 100 waves currently available now!

👉 Each Dopeul takes the player’s stats and with each new wave, the player gains additional stats.

👉 At the end of each wave, whether the player wins the fight or not, Doplons are earned and Relic of the Ancients stats will increase.

A recovery time after each battle against the Dopple is present: This is 8 hours!

👉 The Doplons obtained during the clashes against the Dopeuls are determined according to the prestige of the player as well as the level of the Dopeul.


  • 100 Waves Dopeuls available.

  • New Relic of the Ancients, available in the Craft tab.

  • The relic is evolutionary, fighting a total of 50,000 Dopeuls.

  • Doplons store available.

  • Dopeuls rely on your stats.

  • The number of Doplons is determined on your Prestige and Dopeuls level.

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