🚴‍♀️Around the World Quest Guide

  1. 👉 Go to Melsa’s Map Quest.

  2. 👉 Talk to the NPC Melodia, the erudite explorer.

  1. 👉 This will be done in 19 steps!

  2. 👉 Step 1 to 13, you will fight only monsters. 👉 For stage 14 to 19, they will only be dungeons!

Below, all the Stages with their respective rewards!

  • In order to gain optimal time in your Quest, I recommend that you get a maximum of Room Jump Potion.

  • They are available from Virel la Vendeuse de Varietés, located at the top of the Start Zone.

You can get Room Jump Potions in several ways :

  1. At the NPC Marquand le Multidimentionnel, in the Panoplies Store

  1. At the NPC Pendral Le Passeur de Kamas, in the Consumables Store

  1. 👉 You can view Quest rewards directly from the Quests tab.

  2. 👉 Follow the Quest, face the monsters and bosses that will stand in your way.

This Quest is highly recommended for its final reward: The Beast Dofus.

You can reset the Level of the Dofus Beast with the NPC Vestigial Transformer

Give him your Dofus and directly reset his level!

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