🛡️Guide to the Relic of Eternal Quests

How to get this relic?

What exactly is it for?

Let’s see this in this guide!

Obtain this Relic by returning 50 times Melsa Quest #4 to the NPC Quetevia!

It will automatically appear in your inventory in the Relic tab.

You can improve it with the object "Parchment of Sacred Shards".

Get some, as a reward for Melsa Quests 1-4!

You can also get them against groups of monsters with a red aura.

However, you will get a smaller amount, it remains a bonus during your farming sessions, the most profitable remains to perform series of Melsa Quests 4.

This relic is essential because it MULTILPIE the drop of resources related to Melsa Quests.

Bonus to compensate :

Niveau 400 -> Boost Drop Resource Quests X2 ! Requires 240.000 Parchemin d'Éclats Sacrés. Niveau 800 -> Boost Drop Resource Quests X3 ! Requires 480.000 Parchemin d'Éclats Sacrés.

The other statistics are not particularly important and significant.

You can stop after getting the X3 boost at Level 800.

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