😱Asterion’s Guide

This content is intended for more experienced players, not to put in the hands of beginners! it requires a lot of statistics!

Prerequisites: Possess the Key Relic of the Intermediate Xeloria.

For the manufacture of this object, you will need to own 45 Rélicéssences.

For this, you will need to destroy Dungeon Key Relics.

I recommend to finish the dungeon of the "Dragon Pig", easily accessible because the monsters are well placed.

Speed up your combat session by getting the "Room Jump Potions" from the NPC Vireil la Vendeuse de Variété, zone start, at the top.

Take several characters with you if necessary, don’t forget to activate your .ipdrop!

Once the key relic of the dragon pig obtained

  1. Open your inventory.

  2. Select your Dragon Pig key relic.

  3. Right-click and "Destroy".

  4. You will get 24 Relicessences.

A total of 45 Resels will be required to make your key.

This will last a total of 48 hours.

  1. Meeting in the Deep Xeloria Zone

  2. Click on the portal on the left to go to the intermediate zone.

  3. Fight Asterion every 45 seconds!

Choose the Enutrof class and the Water element to be able to kill Asterion with a shovel!

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