☄️Super Particle Guide

Click on the icon below, present in your slider.

Introducing the NEW Super Particle INTERFACE!

Improve INTELLIGENCE first until you have your Limit in x200

=> The spells you will use during your fights are essentially Fire

It will be MANDATORY to push your Limit in X200 on the following statistics:

  • Strength💪

  • Intelligence 🧠

  • Lucky 🌴

  • Agility 🏇

I recommend to increase the VITALITY to pass the End-Game zones.

You can unlock the Super Particle limit several times at once. ⚠️

I want to improve my Strength statistic from x8.0 to x10.00 🛎️

  1. Click on the "+" to the right of the Force statistic. ⌨️

  2. Enter the desired amount: 2.0 in our case.

  3. Click the validate button.

  4. Your Super Particle is now upgraded to x10.00! 👌

From the X1000 on one of your statistics, Arcana Shards will be required to increase your Super Particle.

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