👺World Boss

Find all the information dedicated to Melsa’s World Boss here!


  • 🤯 The WORLD BOSS, will appear EVERY SUNDAY at 21:00 French time.

  • 🤯 A countdown is available in-game to tell you how much time remains before it appears.

  • 🤯 Once the World Boss appears, you will need to click "Join" above your screen.


  • 🤯 Thus, you will be teleported into a very specific area, then you will have to face a total of 8 Pillars spread over the area, with all the players of the server.

  • 🤯 In general, an experienced player will guide you directly into the channel. all, to know the different positions of the pillars, kinds to get all the rewards.

  • 🤯 Take into account that each pillar will offer you rewards, once defeated.

  • 🤯 Once you defeat the 8 Pillars, the WorldBoss will become vulnerable and can be shot down.

  • 🤯 Face it and defeat this WorldBoss with all the players on the server and be rewarded in an exceptional way!

  • 🤯 Against the pillars and at the beginning of each turn, a red square appears on you, if you do not move, you will die, so you will have a countdown of 5 minutes.


  • 🤯 Rewards are based on your prestige levels and your Blitz level: the more you have, the more you will be rewarded generously!

  • 🤯 Find all current rewards, directly in the announces Discord !

Disclaimer: If you join a pillar or WorldBoss fight and you come to die or leave the fight, a 5-minute penalty will be active on the area and you will only be able to join the fight once the time has elapsed.

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