1. Go to the Map Paysan

  2. Talk to the NPC Master Arion , Wise Peasant, to take the Quest.

  3. During the Quest, you will find the following NPCs:

☣️ The NPCs below change maps randomly while remaining in the SAME ZONE, once they have been found by another player!

  • Benoit the baker, is randomly in the Zone Champs des Ingalsse.

  • Master Thibaut , is randomly located at the Zone Champs de Cania.

  • Gaspard the farmer, is randomly at the Zone Plaine de Scarafeuille.

Make the fake in the Craft tab so you can go mowing.

Once you get the Peasant’s Fake, you will now have to craft the Peasant’s Worn Fake, which will give you a bonus of +75% up to +150% XP gain on your peasant trade.

Craft it in your Craft panel using resources obtained by mowing:

You can also craft the following items:

-> Omegas Peasant Elixir

Potion that allows to have a bonus of gain of Omega experience ranging from x2 to x5.

-> Star Farmer Elixir

Potion that allows to add 5 stars of rarity on each resource on the area you are, example below:

However, you will need to change the area and return to update the star display.

During your fights, you will also have resources when you are attacked by monsters, present in the Peasant area.

Several points to remember below!

-> J-Seigneur Store:

  • Available from NPC Rizmo the Musclor.

  • It allows you to exchange the miniboss tokens obtained by fighting the Lords of the fields, appearing in random areas, for objects increasing your statistics.

Nothing prevents you from taking the items of your choice, but it is recommended to take the following items:

-> Saharachian vestige

  • Increases the yield of Arcana leaves.

-> Lord’s wand

  • Weapon that gives you +1 on your Melsa Quests Resource Drop Multiplier.

-> Dofus Vulbis

  • For even more statistics.

-> Relic of the Lord of the Fields

  • Get the Relic of the Lord of the Fields in the Craft tab, which requires Fragments of Eternity.

  • We can get them on the following mini-bosses:

-> Seal of Souls Card

  • This is an item available in the Craft tab, which costs 500 avoines and 500 linens.

  • This allows you to obtain fragments related to the miniboss.

  • Indispensable for the manufacture of the Relic of the Lord of the Fields.

-> Extraction of a Relic of the Lords

  • For extraction, the information panel below is available.

  • The extraction is done with Rizmo Le Musclor.

  • Don’t forget the Maître Arion le Paysan Sage store:

  • You can find a lot of useful and essential items for your progress, to exchange for the resource Foufou Toutou.

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