🪄Guide to Crystalized Forest Spells

In this part of the guide, you will have the opportunity to unlock unknown spells....

  1. Meet in the Crystalized Forest Zone.

  2. Talk to the Crystal Elephant NPC.

  3. Meet the conditions to get your lot.

  4. About twenty spells are at your disposal

Get the Crystal Stones by fighting the monsters in the Area!

Melsa Coins are available on all Server Zones!

Take the Sadida or Cra job to optimize your combat sessions!

IMPORTANT: The price for some spells is 50 shards but there may be a display bug at the moment.

So if you have more than 5 Arcana Shards and they cannot change the element it is a spell that costs 50.

It is especially the spells Enutrof (Killing Shovel, Judgment Shovel) and Xelor, who would be concerned by this anomaly.

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