🦇Monnaie Guide

👀 Eye of Truth

🗺️ Drop : Anywhere

❓Utility: Allows to get a bonus of ogrines when entering the .code.

The ogrines recovered are from your votes on the website.

💬 Usage: Enter the word more after your code: . code [your code] more.

This will get your Ogrines bonus.

⭐ Les Madangs

🗺️ Drop: Zone 2000 Les Limbes

❓ Usefulness: Purchase of objects at Marquand le Multidimensionnel in the start zone, at the top.

♟️Les MelsaCoins

🗺️ Drop : Zone 2600 Vallée de la Morth’Kitu

❓ Utility: Purchase resources from the NPC Special 2600

🦴 Les Elst-Pizarro

🗺️ Drop: Quest 6, The box of malice and oni blood

Oni’s blood is obtained against Genghis Khan.

We can also get them by buying Boxes of Supreme Malice. They are available at the NPC Pendal the passer from Kamas to the start area on the right -> Consumables store

🔮 Les Nastrals

🗺️ Drop: On the Genghis Khan located in Miscellaneous area

❓ Utility: In the Tomb of Nazarick area

💎 Les Pierres Cristallisées

🗺️ Drop: In the zone [3000] Crystallized Forest

❓ Utility: Purchases of objects from the Crystallized Seller.

Also used for completing Saharach quests.

❤️ Les MelsaPass Donjons

🗺️ Drop: On all your fights.

You can also get at Marquand le Multidimensionnel in zone start, at the top.

❓ Utility: Allows to teleport in dungeon.

Also makes teleportation potions.

☘️ Les Tickets de Loterie V.I.P.

🗺️ Drop: On Melsa Quests in rewards.

❓ Utility: Allows to play the Lottery V.I.P, located at the Tomb of Nazarick.

☀️ Les Pyrutes

🗺️ Drop: On monsters of level 4000 minimum.

❓ Utility: Resource necessary for the manufacture of prestige chests.

⚖️ Les Jetons de Haute Qualitée

🗺️ Drop: In the Chaloeil Dungeon and in the Kanigs Village Zone.

❓ Utility: For the quest Z2P2 and for the manufacture of prestige chests.

🚀Les Topazes

Drop: In the "Miscellaneous" zone, against the "Genghis Khan".

Utility: For the manufacture of prestigious chests.

Also available, diverse zone defeating monsters that the NPC Keeper of Astato proposes to face -> Method more recommended because it is faster.

To deal damage to monsters, you will need to pass your first turn.

👌Les Pierres de Diamant

Drop: In the "Village Cotier" area and in all areas with the "Diamond Finder" effect.

Utility: To render the Melsa Quest 3 and in various fabrications.



In the Z1P1 Zone. In the Peasant Zone ( For 2 Foufou Toutou, available in the store ). On the Astatine Devourers, in any area. Purchasable from the NPC Virel la Vendeuse de Variété, to the right of the Start Zone.

💥Éclats d'Arcana

In the Peasant Zone ( For 4 Foufou Toutou, the chest is available in the store ). On Arcana Devourers, in any area. From the Zone Z4P1.

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