🍇Royal Blood Camp Zone P7000

This content is intended for veteran players, discover the prerequisites below:

  • Have 28,000T of Force!

  • SP Vitality x200

  • SP Power x200

  • SP Damage x200

  • Be in possession of the P6000 Cryptic Chronicle, obtained as a reward from the P6000 Zone Stage 3 Quest!

  • 🗺️ Open the teleportation panel

  • 👣 Meet in the area entitled [P7000] Camp royal.

👉 Start by picking up the area quest from Gilbert the Librarian, located in the center of the finish map!

👉 This will be done in three steps!

👉 Take the opportunity to fight the groups of monsters in order to get the bloody marrow!

👉 Gilbert the Librarian, awaits you with its stores of objects!

👉 Want to challenge the area? Talk to Gilbert the Librarian, he will suggest you go!

👉 The challenges consist in facing waves of monsters with a boss at the end, it’s up to you to rub it!

👉 With the challenges, you will get Troll Lards and Arcana Leaves!

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