Guide to Transferring Ogrines from Site to Game

Guide to transfer your ogrines in-game.

Step 1: Access the site

First, go to the site melsa in the management of your web accounts.

Step 2: Web Account Management

Once on the web account management page, here is what you will see:

Step 3: Transfer your Ogrines

When transferring ogrines, choose the destination account and click on the gear at the end of the line. A window will appear like this:

Here, select the number of ogrines to transfer, validate, and a code will be provided:

Step 4: Use in-game code

In the game, open the toolbar and click on the "Commands" tab:

Enter the code provided above:

The code generated from the website, can take up to 5 minutes before being active in game.


You managed to transfer your ogrines votes to your in-game account! 😊

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